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Healthcare Actuaries is a Benefit Consulting and Actuarial Services firm that focuses on creating efficient, yet effective solutions that assist clients in understanding and managing their health and welfare plans wisely. Through thorough technical analysis and other rigorous work, we serve both local and national organizations in analyzing and evaluating plan performance.

Our key approach involves providing complex concepts in an easy-to-understand-fashion. We help our clients to understand the financial impact of various approaches, ensuring that they choose the best options available to them to meet their business and human resource goals. 

Self-Funded Health Plans

We Save You Time and Money.  Let us help you manage all aspects of your self-funded health plan, including renewals, budgets, reserves, and pricing.
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Considering Self-Funding?

Determine your best options. We’ll help you explore different funding and contribution models, along with other cost-saving strategies.
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Retiree Valuations

Thorough Valuations. We will do the hard work for you and provide you with fast, efficient, and cost-effective retiree valuations to meet your reporting requirements.
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Actuarial Services

Our Specialties.  Rating, reserving, data reporting, product development, funding projections & budgeting, claims liability projections, pricing and plan design, valuations, cost studies, plan testing and terminations and more.
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About The Clients We Work With

We serve clients that offer Self-Insured Health Plans, Retiree Healthcare Coverage, or Government Pensions. We also assist clients that are looking into self-funding or weighing different benefit options. If you are a broker or a consultant looking for actuarial help, we are your best choice.

  • Corporations & Private Companies
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  • Trusts
  • Unions
  • Healthcare Organizations
  • Attorneys

Why Healthcare Actuaries?

The main stake-holder of Healthcare Actuaries, Roger Burton, is also the main point of contact for all clients. He assures quality service, strong supervision and leadership over all projects and assignments.


Broad Experience

Each of our team members hold multiple advanced industry designations and have an average of 20+ yrs experience assisting a wide variety of clients with their health and pension benefit plans.


Proactive & Analytical

We provide projections utilizing pertinent, meaningful data to help you plan for the future. Feel confident that you are making wise, strategic decisions with a clear and realistic picture of the future impact.


Service & Turnaround

We know slow turnaround times cost clients dearly. Working together many years, our team takes an organized approach to meet client deadlines and is always looking for ways to improve our efficiency.


Competitive Rates

We are a boutique firm with the same experience as a “big” actuarial firm, however we have less overhead and can offer more reasonable, affordable rates.

More About Us

Healthcare Actuaries has been successfully providing healthcare actuarial consulting services for nearly 20 years.

With a long list of clientele that stretches across the country, we have over a decade of service under the current ownership of Roger Burton, our President and Managing Consultant.

What is an Actuary?

Actuaries analyze the potential cost of uncertainty, mostly to mitigate risk and minimize loss. Using statistical and mathematical models, they predict and quantify outcomes for insurance companies, financial institutions and many other entities. Among other benefits, Actuaries help to determine rates, capital requirements, reserves to pay claim obligations, cash flow projections, return on investment, and actuarial certification of reserves.

Industry Designations

Actuaries undertake rigorous study and testing to become credentialed.  Each team member of Healthcare Actuaries holds one or more of the advanced industry designations as follows:

Our Leadership

All of our team members have experience working for nationally recognized health insurers, as well as major fortune 100 international consulting firms. We offer the skills and technical abilities of large actuarial firms with the personal service of a smaller firm. This allows us to provide quality, timely and highly personalized service and expertise, skills and technologies that would otherwise not be available to our clients.
New Rogert

Roger Burton, FSA, MAAA, FCA

Managing Actuary & Consultant

Roger Burton brings over two decades of experience as a health actuary. His prior experience includes rating, reserving, data reporting, and product development at Premera.  Most recently, Roger left his position as a consultant at Mercer Human Resource Consulting as part of the Boeing team, where he worked closely with Boeing to provide actuarial support on many projects.  Roger is involved in current research to improve the actuarial profession and recently presented at the annual meeting of the Society of Actuaries.  He is a licensed broker in the states of Washington and Oregon.  Roger graduated from Yale University with a degree in Applied Mathematics.  Roger is available weekdays during normal business hours and at other times on an as-needed basis.

E. Scott Lanham, FSA, EA, MAAA

Senior Actuarial Consultant

Scott has over 20 years of experience on pension and health valuations. Prior to joining Healthcare Actuaries and leading health and pension valuations in November of 2018, Scott worked at Towers, Mercer, Buck, and Stanley Benefit Services on pension valuations and other projects.

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As actuaries, we have extensive training in statistics, insurance, accounting, and finance and can quickly assess your benefit programs and circumstances to recommend strategies to help you be more compliant and efficient, while increasing your bottom line.